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Marker Maagd

Broeker Blonde

Monnicker Moker

Wheat Ale 5%



The Marker Maagd (Marken is a famous small island, maagd means virgin ) is a typical Belgian white ale, light yellow in colour with an impressive white foam head that stays nice and long. The Marker Maagd spreads fruity aromas of vanilla and cloves. The taste is fruity and with a slightly sour and yeasty aftertaste.

Blond Ale 6%



De Broeker Blonde is a smooth beer in the style of a Belgian Ale, light orange in the glass with a thick creamy head. Floral aromas, citrus and lychee notes. Surprisingly hoppy on the palate with a tender undertone of barley malt. Many influences that form a harmonious whole in this delicious beer that is a pleasure in every season.

Belgian Triple 8%



Monnicker Moker is a cool triple, light golden yellow colour with a creamy white foam. It spreads nostalgic aromas of hay, grass, malt and a perfume of orange peel and yeast is released. The taste is bittersweet and slightly hoppy with malt tones, coriander and citrus. A robust aftertaste.

Hoppy Hannah


Gouden Bocht

Sunset IPA 6%



Hoppy Hannah is a very fresh and hoppy IPA with fruity aromas. This Sunset IPA has a light orange colour. It has a spicy bitter aftertaste as it should be with an India Pale Ale. This is due to the use of the many bitter hops we added. This ensures a long shelf life of the beer, which was especially necessary during the long sailing trips to India in the colonial times.

Amber Ale 6%



Kattekwaad (naughty cat) is a smooth Amber Ale. This Amber is unique because we added willow bark in the brewing process. Willow bark contains the natural painkiller ingredient of aspirin. It is a welcome side effect in the beer but willow bark also gives a unique aroma of caramel, fruit, spices, honey and a slightly bitter and fresh aftertaste with light wood tones. A spicy and surprising beer!



Bock Beer 6,3%



Bomba Bock gives a joyful explosion of autumn flavors in the mouth, yet it has a friendly taste which many beer lovers expect from a bock beer. Amber red coloured, caramel tones, slightly sweet and a smooth finish.

Bock beer 7%



Boerenbok (farmer’s bock beer) is brewed with delicious roasted malts from Belgium. Full flavoured with a deep red-brown colour. A classic bock beer, with a rich creamy foam head. Brewed annually in 1 batch and according to a unique interpretation of the traditional recipe. Excellent beer-food pairing with stews and charcuterie.

Amsterdam Blond 9%



The name Gouden Bocht (Golden Bend) relates to the most expensive and prestigious bends of the Herengracht, one of the famous canals in Amsterdam. This Amsterdam blond beer is clear and golden coloured with a fine white foam head. It spreads floral hops and spicy yeast aromas. In the mouth a colorful sweetness with a slightly bitter aftertaste. A beer with golden prestige.

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